So you’re thinking about selling your house?

This week wanted to dedicate our post to those who are thinking of selling and taking advantage of this incredible market. There are a lot of reasons why someone should or should not sell, and when you find the right agent who can listen to your goals and dreams, they should be able to point you in the right direction. The last time I was on Real Talk I was asked what someone should be looking for in an agent to get their house sold (you can listen to that recording here). This should walk you through the right process to find the best agent for the job.

1. Interview more than one agent. This is the biggest “rookie mistake” I see when sellers go to sell their home. Going with someone you know or the first person you meet may be convenient, but when you’re talking about what is usually the biggest investment of your life, you’ll want to make sure you have¬†the best. ¬†I’d recommend asking friends or family for referrals, a prominent agent in your neighborhood, and if you live in the Greater Phoenix Metro, us. All jokes aside, recommendations are a great place to start.

2. Ask¬†a lot of questions. The problem with this suggestion is unless you’ve sold before (and now know what you love and hate about your experience), you probably don’t know what to ask. This is what I ask other agents when I am referring my clients to an agent in another state.

– How long have you been in the business? While everyone starts as a new agent, there are definitely differences¬†between the first few transactions and your 50th one. If they haven’t been in the business for quite some time, figure out how they intend to solve problems and issues that may will happen along the way. Do they have a mentor? Are they part of a prestigious brokerage? Are they part of a team? Great questions to ask a new agent to make sure your experience will be as flawless as possible.

– Ask them about their numbers. I’m a stats kinda girl, so this part is the most important to me. Fire away at these questions and you’ll find out right away what kind of person you’re working with. You’ll want to know answers to the following questions, but you’ll also want to know what the average agent is doing in comparison. If you’d like a list of questions to print out for interviews, click here. Otherwise,¬†here are some examples:

What is the average list price to sales price ratio (I’m at¬†99%, the greater Phoenix Metro is 97%)

On average, how quickly can you sell my house? (I can sell in 40 days, the greater Phoenix Metro is 81)

How many houses do you sell a year? (On average I do about 30, the National average is 6)

How are you ranked compared to all other agents in the area? (I’m in the top 3.5% out of 30,000 agents in the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service)

– How is your appointment with them set up? Did they arrive on time? Have they viewed the house? How are they presenting the information to you? Is it a stack of papers they’re shuffling through or is it bound in a binder for you to review? Are you walking away knowing¬†exactly what marketing is being done on your house? How they present themselves on that first appointment is going to give you¬†great insight as to how they’ll conduct business with you. If they’re not there 100% at that first meeting, don’t expect them to get better as time goes on.

– What are they providing for you? This is the portion of real estate that really grinds my gears. I’m looking through homes worth over 1/2 million dollars, and I stumble across a listing with 4 photos taken from a camera phone. There is ONE sentence describing the home, and incorrect data is in the listing. My first thought is¬†how the heck did they get this listing?¬†And my second thought is these poor sellers. They don’t have the representation they¬†deserve.¬†You deserve to have your house listed and shown in the best light possible. Professional photography, staging, education- you deserve all of this because that’s what you’re paying for. You can¬†not have that with one agent and pay 3%, or you could turn right around and find an agent that will give you it¬†all for the same price.

Hopefully this information is helpful should you find yourself in the position to sell your house. If you’re looking to interview agents, consider this our formal request to wow you. Call us at 602 518 2293 or visit this page to reach out to us. We’re looking forward to working with you!

– Kelly Henderson, REALTOR and Owner of Momentum Real Estate Group

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