Two First Time Buyers!

First time buyer week at Momentum Real Estate Group!

Hey all! Ashleigh here to give you the scoop on what we’ve been up to on this crazy, short 4th of July Week. While most were out of town, Kelly and I just got back IN town on Monday and had quite a week ahead of us. We closed a couple deals for some first time buyers!

These new buyers we’re after the American Dream of Home ownership, and this week we’re super thrilled to announce that we have closed  two deals for a couple of our favorite first time clients. Kelly and I have a special place in our hearts for first time buyers, Especially those who are shopping in their 20’s like we both did. Kelly and her new husband Dustin bought a couple years ago before they were married, and I was a solo, 20-year-old, first-time home buyer who was working in the restaurant industry at the time (back in 2011). I know that for Kelly and I, the decision to buy was one of the best we’ve ever made. We have a feeling that these new home owners will be feeling the same way!

Meet Jennie and Chad Jeffry

Jennie, Chad, and their dog Paisley posing in front of their new home!

Jennie, Chad, and their dog Paisley posing in front of their new home!

It took first time buyers Jennie and Chad many months to fall into “House Love”. It seemed like no matter what we looked at, something just wasn’t right. These two motivated buyers persevered and continued to keep a patient and watchful eye on the market until they found the perfect home for them! Proof that your should never give up because the right home is out there 🙂

Home Owner Jenna Posing in front of her new home!

Home Owner Jenna Posing in front of her new home!

Unlike Jennie and Chad, Ms. Jenna was quick to find her new dream home. We wrote a contract and it was accepted pretty much right away. This put our friend Jenna on the fast-track to home ownership! We were lucky to have a very smooth transaction and are pleased to say that Jenna got her keys yesterday afternoon.

It’s such a fantastic feeling to be able to be a part of such a huge decision in peoples lives. We love what we do because of weeks like this where we feel like we really made a difference. When you can take some of the fear and anxiety away from a life-changing decision, that’s when you know you’ve done a great job for your clients.

We wish Jennie, Chad and Jenna a HUGE congrats and tons of happiness as they make their new house into a home!

-Your Friends at Momentum

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