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It’s important to know where you stand when it comes to being able to buy a home……


There’s a lot of steps in the home buying process, it’s not as simple as some people think….


Often times, we have buyers who want to go look at properties right away. It’s important to talk with a lender in order to find out just home much home you can afford. While REALTORSĀ® are the experts when it comes to finding you a home, lenders will be able to help you figure out exactly which form of financing is best for you.


It’s best to have a pre-qualification completed first. Ask your lender to send it to your agent so that they can keep it on file, as itĀ  is often a required piece of the purchase contract.


If you like the way the photos look, go see the home in person with your agent! We all know pictures can be deceiving, and you’ll want to get a feel for the space and the neighborhood before making any decisions. On average, a buyer will view 5-8 homes before finding one they like!



Once you walk into the home that’s right for you, you’ll know right away. We believe in a little thing we like to call “House Love”…. and it’s real.


You may not always have your offer accepted by the seller, but don’t worry! There are PLENTY of homes for sale, and the right one for you is out there!


It’s not uncommon for a seller to send a counter offer to your offer, and sometimes there are many counter offers before two parties reach an agreement.


and then it happens…. A meeting of the minds, consensus ad idem,Ā Mutual Assent, AN ACCEPTED CONTRACT! So. Much. Excitement. There is a lot that happens in the upcoming days for a buyer, from scheduling inspections, to opening escrow, and more!


The earnest money deposit is held by an escrow or title company which acts as a neutral third party to the transaction.


If your purchase is dependent on financing, you can bet the bank will want you to pay for an appraisal. Most of the time, the appraised value will be at least or more than the contract price. If not, it’s time to renegotiate the pricing.


Once the lender has finished underwriting process, they will sendĀ  loan docs to the escrow/title company for you to sign.


Soon after signing, you’ll officially be a home owner!!

CONGRATS! It’s one of the biggest purchases most of us will make in our lives, and we love being able to help people make their real estate dreams into a reality!

If you or someone you know could use more information on the home buying process, we would love to meet up!

Call Kelly Henderson 602-518-2293 and schedule a quick buyer consultation.

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