20 Tips for Staging your house!

20 Tips for Staging your house

Want to sell your home QUICK and for the MOST money possible? Staging is the answer! We’ve sold a home or two in our day (DUH!) and have noticed that buyers often find it difficult to picture their own items in a home that’s completely empty.  Buyers are looking at many homes when out on showings, Make yours stand out in the crowd as the shiny object that Buyers are looking for!

1. Boost curb appeal
– wash front windows, mow lawn, plant some seasonal plants, repaint the front door
2. Welcome visitors with a great entry
– nice welcome mat at the front door, light decorations outside, functioning lights
(especially in the winter when they could be seeing it at night)

3. Clean, clean, clean
– this is the cheapest way to prep your house!
4. Clear out the clutter
– keep things on the kitchen counter to a bare minimum. Same goes with the bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.
5. Tone it down
– if you have a very specific look in your home, tone it down for the sale (save it for the next home!).

6. Find that happy medium between clean and lived in.
– a vase of flowers or a bowl of lemons really gives a house that homey feel
7. Take a look at the floors
– at a minimum, it’s time to bust out the mop and a steam cleaner
8. Rearrange the furniture
– how we live is definitely different than a model home
9. Back to neutral
– That bright blue kitchen wall may fit you like a glove, but not everyone likes the same accent colors. Since the majority of buyers are looking for something move in ready this is a great place to accomplish that.
10. Create a gender neutral master bedroom
– put away your Rocky Balboa poster and floral dĂ©cor, we’re appealing to both genders.
11. Open those closets!
– people want to see the storage space, just make sure it looks clean and well organized!
12. Put away the kids’ toys
13. Have an extra room you’ve been using as storage?

– time to clean up your act and show off that space, remember they want to picture themselves living there
14. Maximize space in the bathroom
– if you have a tiny bathroom and a huge vanity, swap it out for a pedestal sink. It will show off the floor space and give an illusion of a larger bathroom
15. Stage your bathroom from the eyes of a guest
– your bathrobe from 1970 in a ball on the floor doesn’t exactly scream “home of your dreams”

16. Show how you can use awkward areas
– have a funky space under the stairs? Show how you use it to maximize the house
17. Entice all the senses
– Light a pleasant candle, or get a great plug in- the eyes aren’t the only thing taking your house in. (p.s. beware of pet odors!)
18. Create an outdoor space worth owning
– get rid of those weeds, mow the lawn, rake the rocks
19. Show off that garage space!
– Instead of using this as a space for storage, have as much available and ready to view
20. Put away the little things

-Put away personal items and family photos. You’ll want buyers imagining the home is theirs, which can be tricky to do if it looks like YOURS.

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