How to (really) make a DIY Wreath…

Hey Momentum Friends,

We imagine that most of you are all about the DIY trend that’s been around these days. If you’re anything like us, We have dozens of Pinterest boards filled with more¬†house-y crafts than any one person could complete in a life time. Anyone who knows the Momentum Ladies, knows that we’re in a book club. Instead of the normal “reading” (and by reading, we mean lady chat time… Oops) we decided to try our hand at crafting a super adorable, home made wreath for the front door.

We wanted to share this with all of you for two reasons, 1. Because they turned out adorable and 2. We wanted to air our frustrations with DIY projects and supplement the blog post we used for our craft so that when you try it, you have a GREAT SUCCESS!


You can see the blog we used here and hopefully our tips will help you along the way!

We all met at our friends house, supplies in tow, and we had everything we needed- OR SO WE THOUGHT.

About 1/2 way through the wreaths, there were A LOT of frustrated females who were running out of burlap ribbon. I would say that you should get 60ft of ribbon instead of the 45ft listed here. We were all about two seconds away from running over to hobby lobby in a fury, and half of us ended up undoing our loops and starting again.

Make sure you don’t forget the pipe cleaners!

Another strategy we figured out was to twist the ribbon in between weaving it through the metal sections of the wreath. This helps to create¬†the “poofy effect” and keep every thing in place.

As you can see, the end results were lovely! The moral of the story here, is when it comes to DIY- there’s no such thing as too much ribbon!

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