New Office! Before and After

Hey there Momentum Friends,

We’ve shared a lot of excitement about our new office. It’s been a long process but we’re now please to say that with the exception of a couple new (adorable) chairs from Target, We’re looking really good!

We definitely started with a really ugly canvas.. and really dirty carpet. Momentum Real Estate Group had some really great ideas, and a vision of exactly what this new office would look like.



We picked a “Momentum Red” (or we think it is!) for the accent color, called “Ruby Ring” by Behr. This is what we used for our standing height desktop and we even found square baskets to match!



We fell in love with this beautiful gray color by Behr, Called “anonymous”

Once we had paint on the walls, Kelly did an awesome job at attaching our new desktop to the walls. We moved our mountain of stuff in after that and began organizing. The last thing we needed was the new carpeting installed.

photo 1 (2)

As you can see, the new carpet is eight million times better than the old, and we feel like it really brought the whole space together! The Chevron Chairs from Target will be the final touch and replace these black chairs you see here.

We’re thinking about adding some sheer curtains to doll it up a bit…. But we haven’t found the right pattern yet….

photo 1 (3)

Here’s Kelly’s side! If you know her- or have talked to her on her cell, you know she definitely needs the window seat due to her horrible cell reception 😉

photo 1

Here’s our entire work space… Note Ashleigh’s Three hundred cups- this is a pretty common thing… She does need to have a coffee, Iced Tea, and water all at once. #MorningRitual

photo 2 (3)

Some adorable storage! Pretty much entirely from Target…

We love having all of the plants in office, and it helps that Ashleigh has two green thumbs!

photo 2

Here’s Ashleigh’s side!

photo 3 (2)





Our Sitting area……photo 3

And a close up of our boards we use to keep track of listings 🙂

photo 4


We’re so in love with this new space! It’s great that we’re both able to work side by side instead of in two separate spaces. We also love having the option to stand up and move around! It gives us a lot more energy 🙂

What do you think?! Comment Below! We’re also on the hunt for those adorable curtains, so please send us any ideas you’ve got.

Until next time…

-Your friends at Momentum

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