November Checklist for a Clean home

Who says we need to save the cleaning for Springtime? Make your home run smoothly and sparkle year-round with this home checklist.

1. Clean those cupboards!

Lets be honest, people. Once a year just isn’t enough. Toss your expired goods, can those stale chips and crackers, and get rid of anything you just won’t eat. You’ll need the extra space for the Holiday groceries and your cabinets will be looking sharp when your in-laws corrupt your kitchen.

2.  Take care of those drawers!

Take everything out, Wipe them down and re-paper them. Drawers catch all of the counter top crumbs and grime… Make sure they’re clean enough for your utensils and dish towels! Another helpful Pre-Holiday idea is to switch out your “Summer-y” utensils and dishes to the ones you’ll use over and over again for the Holidays.

3. Clean the oven!

Okay, so we all know there’s really no such thing as a self-cleaning oven. Just DO IT!

4. The ‘Fridge…

Under, Behind, and all around! Get those nasties that have been hiding out, and while your at it, remove the 6 months worth of accumulating art, notes and photos from the door. Once you’ve conquered the exterior, get in there and toss out old dressings, condiments and any left overs that have been left behind.

5. Change the water filter!

Just a friendly reminder that these things need to be changed.. Ew.

6. Make room for guests (the more the merrier, right?)

That guest bathroom should be stocked and ready to go! While your at it, give it a deep clean. When it comes to that closet in the guest bedroom, you’re gonna have to make some room! “Wow” your guests so much that they don’t want to leave! (or maybe… not THAT much.)

7. Carpet care…

Have a professional come out to clean your carpet and upholstery so they look good as new! If you’re in need of a recommendation, check out our preferred vendor list!


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